Amsterdam Staff Band

Released: 1987
Kapelmeester: Dick Krommenhoek


  1. Trumpet Tune (Purcell arr. Ray Steadman-Allen), Cornet solist: Ron Mostaard
  2. Become aware of Him (Robert Redhead)
  3. Britannia (Kenneth Smith)
  4. Shall we gather (Leonard Ballentine)
  5. Quicksilver (Peter Graham), Cornet solisten: Hans Onstenk & Ron Mostaard
  6. Band Chorus: God’s Love is Wonderful (Dick Krommenhoek)
  7. Romans 8 (Ray Steadman-Allen)
  8. Journey into Peace (William Himes), Euphonium solist: Harrie de Heer
  9. The Light of the World (Dean Goffin)
  10. Colours to the Fore (Dick Krommenhoek)