Aspects of Life

Released: 1999
Kapelmeester: Don Jenkins
Gastsolist: Don Lusher (Trombone)


  1. Saints of God (James Curnow)
  2. Love Divine – Stainer (Brian Bowen)
  3. Aspects of Life (Don Lusher)*
  4. Gowans and Larsson (William Broughton)
  5. Londonderry Air (Traditional, arr.: Bill Geldard)*
  6. Ruth (Trevor Davis)
  7. ‘Trepak’ from Nutcracker (Tschaikovsky, trs.: Keith Wilkinson)
  8. Stardust (Traditional, arr.: Bill Geldard)*
  9. Deep River (Traditional, arr.: William Broughton)
  10. Shine Down (arr.: Andrew Blyth)
  11. Toccata from Suite Gotique opus 25 (arr.: Wim Kruyt)
  12. Nothing But Thy Blood Can Save Me (Norman Bearcroft)
  13. Consecration (Don Morrison)*
  14. Minneapolis IV (Emil Söderstrom)

* Solist: Don Lusher (trombone)