In Primis

Released: 2007
Kapelmeester: Thijs Musch


  1. Festive Overture (Shostakovich, trs. Barrie Gott)
  2. Stars of the morning (Kenneth Downie)
  3. City of the three spires (Leslie Condon)
  4. Healing waters (Kenneth Downie), Cornet solist: Arend Pietersen
  5. Faith is the Victory (James Curnow)
  6. Dear Lord and Father of Mankind (Jan de Haan)
  7. The Divine Pursuit (Bramwell Coles)
  8. In good company (Dudley Bright)
  9. You raise me up (Rolf Lovland/Brendan Graham, arr.: Dorothy Gates), Euphonium solist: Michel Rosenquist 
  10. In Primis (Alfred Willering)
  11. The lord bless you and keep you (John Rutter, arr.: Olaf J.Ritman)