Live through the years

Released: 2021
Kapelmeesters: diverse
Een compilatie van diverse live opnames


  1. Saints of God (James Curnow)
  2. Margaret (Robert Redhead)
  3. Pavilions of Praise (Ray Steadman-Allen)
  4. Joshua Fit the Battle (Kevin Hayward), Trombone solist: Kevin Hayward
  5. Isaiah 40 (Robert Redhead)
  6. Swingtime Religion (Barrie Gott)
  7. Myfanwy (Kenneth Downie)
  8. Shine as the Light (Peter Graham)
  9. Toccata from Suite Gothique (Boëlman, arr. Kruyt)
  10. In This Quiet Moment (Ivor Bosanko)
  11. Flourish from Flourish and Dances (Kevin Norbury)
  12. Journey into Freedom (Eric Ball)
  13. A Fanfare of Praise (Robert Redhead)
  14. Kerygma (Steven Ponsford)